Enrollment + Information
Dear Picacho McGregor Families,

We welcome the opportunity for you to come to know the mission and history of our school as we are aware that selecting an educational institution for your children is an arduous task that involves a lot of reflection and responsibility on your part.

Our school has a history that supports us, a trajectory of 28 years that precedes us, during which we have had the opportunity to form many generations of young people that today tell stories of success and fulfillment in various destinations in our country and abroad.

We are convinced that "he who has the privilege to teach, has the obligation to learn", and for that reason we have always been open and responsible for both the personal and academic growth in order to remain at the forefront in learning methods for a comprehensive development of our students.

We are also recognized as a bilingual and multicultural school because we have foreign teachers who are native speakers of English which gives our students opportunities and advantages not only in terms of the purity of the language, but an intercultural enrichment that is so necessary for the globalized world.

We are proud of the careful selection of our staff of teachers seeking that their expertise in their field and their presence will build a healthy and harmonious atmosphere.

Achieving leadership is not easy, but keeping it is even more difficult. Today, we can proudly say that we are a high performance institution, locally and globally recognized for our students that are multicultural, effective communicators, high performers, decision-makers; humane leaders who are prepared for life. Knowing this, we appreciate the confidence that has been placed in us over the years, which motivates us to continue to be committed to work hard to plant the seeds of values and knowledge in each generation so that they achieve full, productive, and happy lives.

Today, we have strong leadership supported by a team committed to work and to an ongoing training; with educational technology adapted to the requirements of quality and timeliness.

Academic, cultural and social events and competitions show the individual and team achievements of our students, as well as the active participation of our families.

This allows us to say that you are coming to a vibrant learning community, to enjoy the experience and promises that will be performed as individuals and as families.

At school, the word "community" is a priority, so we constantly have the task of organizing diverse and creative academic, cultural, sports and social events where parents are also active in order to generate an atmosphere of belonging as well as enable an approach to recognize the achievements and progress of your children and the school level.

To conclude; we are an attractive school for parents seeking to be part of a strong, proactive, dynamic, open, multicultural community committed to the universal values and principles that use the fundamental tools that build societies of true progress and wellness.

We give you the warmest welcome to join this great educational community. Being part of the Picacho McGregor School is a great decision.

Warm greetings,
Silvia Sieck
Directora General

“Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn” - Benjamin Franklin