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It's been now more than 28 years ago that an enthusiastic group of parents, having their children´s future education in mind, decided to join efforts and work hand by hand, providing not only valuable ideas, but also dedicating time and enthusiasm, and above all, adding each of them their best resources to create a new educational institution. This is how the story of our Centro Escolar Picacho begins, being named at the beginning as "Colegio Particular Juan McGregor, A.C." In the year of 1996, the Board of Directors decided to find a name that would proudly identify us with the place where we live and that we admire, thus coming up with the name CENTRO ESCOLAR PICACHO.

Immersed in the Sierra de la Laguna, the PICACHO rises up as the highest mountain in this region, inviting us to constantly seek the top in the highest sense of values and ideals that our Institution seeks to instill with "truth and strength" in its students.

Always at the forefront, and with innovation as a banner, the growth of our school has been progressive and constant.

Colegio McGregor and Centro Escolar Picacho are the names that have built our history and have merged to keep the two names that will continue to identify us as the best school in Los Cabos.

Community building is an ongoing process that involves each of the children, young students and families that are and have been part of this wonderful success story.

Picacho McGregor School

“Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn” - Benjamin Franklin