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High School

High-school is the continuation of education based on skills; this approach responds to an essential and distant need: bringing school close to real life and in consequence to the work world where our students will be immersed; a competitive world, with the increased internationalization of markets, an extraordinary growth in technological advances, and a consequent and evident dehumanization.

Contributing to preparing teenagers for this world is, undoubtedly, the fundamental challenge of all of us working in the high-school teaching team.

Mr. Matthew McMahon
Principal, Junior High-School and High-School


In High School, we have an integral program of Vocational Guidance where we accompany our students through the process of choosing their careers and majors.

This program is made up of:

  • A weekly class beginning in 11th grade where students are encouraged to research about themselves and their interests in order to better understand what they want in life.
  • An International renowned program of psychological tests in which the students will get a clear picture of what career is best for them.
  • Visits from various universities who talk about the admission process, university life, and what the university has to offer. These visits are set up by the school and the VG teacher.

All of the above is an important process that both the school and students work together to guide them for their future.

“Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn” - Benjamin Franklin