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We wish to extend a warm welcome to all parents and students to the Elementary Section. Each one of you forms part of the fundamental energy required to bring to life the educational project of our institution.

Our team of directors and teachers will contribute their knowledge, values, professionalism and humanity to guide students and parents in reaching our main goal, which is the integral development of our students. You, as parents, play an important role and will strengthen our educational duties by showing confidence in our performance, remaining in contact and actively supporting the formative aspects of your children.

As in past years, we have the great challenge of reinforcing our achievements in the academic and formative areas, basing our method specifically in human values looking to multiply them. This academic year, as every year, our duty in the learning field is to remain an institution under constant improvement that walks hand in hand with students and parents, thus consolidating our goal: the integration of our students as to all academic, formative and behavioral aspects.

Our students learn more when parents help and encourage them. If each family turns its expectations into concrete actions, supporting the work of teachers, spending time with their children during this school stage and actively participating with the school, then we will have quality education for all, because our individual missions complement each other and our goals will be developed and achieved with the support, effort and commitment of all.


Elementary School


Be Competent is a program offered by Centro Escolar Picacho McGregor designed to develop intellectual, emotional, reading, studying and mathematical abilities. This program, through exercises and reflective thought, offers our students the opportunity to take conscience about themselves, their abilities and the manner in which they may apply them for their own skill-development process.

We know that technology plays a fundamental role nowadays, therefore, our classrooms are equipped with electronic blackboards, iPad for each two students, computer room, use of iBooks and a consultation platform for parents and students to review at home the subjects corresponding to each bimonthly period, with videos, worksheets, etc.

All extracurricular activities in Centro Escolar Picacho McGregor teach our students various technics to develop their artistic and sport abilities, encouraging children and teenagers to express themselves through art and acquire a general appreciation of art, as well as the awareness of having a healthy body through exercise.

Know, make, live together, be and transform…

“Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn” - Benjamin Franklin