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English Coordination Department: Preschool and Elementary

The value of bilingual and multicultural education goes far beyond language. A bilingual education, within the context of a dynamic international community, will give your child a profound understanding and respect for other cultures and ways of thinking. In today´s global economy, those embracing a diversity of thought will have a high number of opportunities available to them.

Research has proven that bilingual education has multiple cognitive benefits because the brain develops differently, stimulating higher mental flexibility, creativity and innovation of thought. Bilingual children have the capacity of approaching any problem, whether big or small, from many different perspectives. Words may have several meanings; problems may have multiple solutions; situations may be seen from different points of view. When children think in two languages, they can easily imagine more than one way to achieve their goals and more than one way to approach a complex dilemma.

These are some of the advantages of having a bilingual education:

Being bilingual offers children an important global perspective and the necessary abilities and skills to participate.

A bilingual child has a higher level of mental flexibility and is more original. He or she will be more divergent-thinking and will always find two or three solutions to a problem. It has been proven that bilingual children have a higher level of school performance. They exceed or at least equal monolingual students and no negative effects are found in bilingualism. Bilingualism promotes the development of multiple perspectives about people and cultures.

Mr. Matthew McMahon
English Coordinator

English Coordination Department: Junior High and High-School

On behalf of all English Professors, I am pleased to present to you the English Department of our school, Centro Escolar Picacho McGregor. English is the most widely used language for business worldwide. Students who speak English have higher possibilities of success and excellence in their future.

One of the fundamental goals of our School is to make sure that our students have the highest knowledge of English. Unlike other schools, Centro Escolar Picacho McGregor does not teach English as a second language. The books your children use are from the United States, which allows them to have an education that is more similar to that of a foreign student.

Our English Department sets high goals for our school, teachers and students, offering our students the opportunity to learn the highest level of English. Our Professors come from the United States, Canada, Germany and Belgium. When our students graduate, they are able to speak, read, write and analyze fluently. They will be ready to face and be successful in a global world where the English language is fundamental.

Silke Troeglen
English Coordinator

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