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Alumni Picacho McGregor School

The first high-school generation of Centro Escolar Picacho McGregor graduated the 5th of July, 2002; our thirteenth generation is about to graduate this 2014.

The educational level of our school is reflected in all our former students who when being admitted in the university or college of their choice worldwide, they have proven to have the necessary tools to reach their goals and successfully complete their studies.

They are the creators of our school's history, therefore, they know this is their home and are always welcome.

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Mariana Carrillo

Mariana Carrillo alumnus of the twelfth generation of Centro Escolar Picacho Mc Gregor, shared us something of its journey.

Aldair Ortega

In 2013, she was offered a scholarship to study at Ballet Austin in Texas where he was only 1 year after moving to California to train at Southland Ballet Academy and take private classes with Christina Lyon who is dedicated to educating great ballet dancers.

He is currently preparing to audition for big companies and gain entry to a professional level.

In the words of Mariana "McGregor for me was an excellent form of educational preparation. It was where I made great friendships that are still present in my life. The level of education I got thanks to its bilingual system has helped me a lot now that I live in the United States. I think it is definitely an excellent school with a lot of potential and I thank all the teachers and people who were part of my life."

This summer will have the opportunity to see her dancing a piece that rode me Josie Walsh together with great artists of the most prestigious companies in the world such as American Ballet Theatre, San Francisco Ballet, Joffrey Ballet among others in "Dance Gala" will be presented at the Cultural Pavilion.

Congratulations Mariana, don't do what you love!

Paco Moreno

Paco Moreno is part of the 1st generation of Alumni at Centro Escolar Picacho Mc Gregor (2002), studied Marketing at the Tec de Monterrey, upon returning to Los Cabos, he worked in marketing and sales, however, he decided to focus on what is most passionate: exercise and maintain a better lifestyle.

Paco Moreno

He was coaching in large hotels as Palmilla, Esperanza and Ventanas. He decided to bring something more to the community, teaching them to exercise and to eat, breaking the idea that nutritious food is boring and is how your project Gula Sana in Cabo San Lucas, a complete, nutritious and healthy food concept was born. A place where we can eat at a fair price, with excellent quality dishes; project conceived for all those people who don't have time to Cook, do not like or are simply looking to improve your lifestyle. "Is not to say I'm a diet, it's say: this is my lifestyle."

Aldair Ortega Arreola

The Alumni Aldair Ortega Arreola, form part of the generation 12 Centro Escolar Picacho Mc Gregor.

Aldair Ortega

Student of law at the Autonomous University of Guadalajara (UAG), thanked his teachers of the Mc Gregor for having given the bases and tools to make at the University nothing will complicate you.

Aldair took the opportunity to visit us to share their teachers who was the only one which exempt all their subjects in this semester who passed.

Fills us with pride and happiness to know that our alumni are still getting wins wherever they go.

Congratulations Aldair!

Macarena de Mateo Gorráez

It makes us proud announce that one of our former students Matthew Gorraez Macarena due to their excellent performance during the race's pedagogy received from Anahuac University an invitation to work as Assistant in the coordination of the master's degree in education with a specialty in the direction and development of human resources as well as also a scholarship for study.

Macarena de Mateo

Macarena thanked all his teachers Centro Escolar Picacho Mc Gregor by the preparation given to be able to play without any problems at the University as well as also says that one of his teachers was who the guided and supported to study pedagogy.

“Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn” - Benjamin Franklin